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I^3 Learning Modules


Students should select the appropriate learning module and then take the pretest. If needed, a review is available. The tutorial will give instructions on how to work the applet. The lesson will have some discovery based questions on the topic.

Statistical Significance (The Friendly Observer)

You have selected the Statistical Signifcance learning module.

This activity introduces the important idea that statistical significance assesses the likelihood of an experimental outcome by asking how often a result at least that extreme would occur by chance alone, if there actually was no difference between the groups. 

Step 2: Take the Pretest

Step 3. If needed, read or watch the review material (you have the option of a written review or a video review.)

Step 4. Next, the applet tutorial will help get you acquainted with the "parts" of the applet. The applet will be necessary for you to complete the Lesson. Both the applet and the video (in Flash) should appear side-by-side. If they don't please let me know.

You may need to download the latest version of Java:

Step 5. Work through the lesson. You should have a working applet and the lesson on the same page. Don't forget to press the submit button when completed.

Step 6. Offer any feedback.