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I^3 Learning Modules


If you have any suggestions, comments, or requests, please feel free to send them via this feedback form. If you would rather give it anonymously, you may leave your name and email blank.

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Which class and teacher do you have (e.g if you have Dr. Rowell for 3150, put 3150Rowell)
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1. Did you find the module worthwhile?

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Please exlplain:

2. What did you find most useful?
3. Were the audio instruction helpful? How could they be improved?
4. Did the tutorial part (screenshot below) of the module help you with the lesson? Explain if necessary.


Very Helpful     Not helpful


5. Were the questions that you had to answer clear?

6. When learning topics in mathematics and statistics there is sometimes an "Aha moment." It sometimes occurs after working several problems or perhaps after the teachers demonstrates something. Did this module help you reach that "Aha Moment?" Explain if necessary.

7. Any suggestions for improving the tutorial.

8. Did everything work properly (e.g. links)?

9. I enjoy using these types of resources as learning aids.



10. I would be comfortable using this lesson at home.



11. Please gives us any other comments that would help us improve this lesson. (e.g. did you have any technical difficulties or have trouble navigating the site)